Personally, my style changes with my mood. I think most of us busy women are like that. I can be totally sophisticated in a fabulous Jackie O kind of way, or I can get totally funky with a little inspiration from Beyonce. But my style did evolve from the tee shirt and jeans look.

More specifically, the cute tee shirt with designer jeans look.

Hey! We’ve all got to start somewhere! However, I do still love this classic look for its ease and it’s comfort.

But now that we’re busy professional women with a brand image to uphold, we need to kick it up a notch. The best part … you’ll still be super comfortable, yet you’ll also feel a hundred times better (and a bit fancy!).


It’s so simple: colorful and fun accessories. JEWELRY! 

Didn’t your mom always ask you to put on earrings before heading out the door? Or a necklace? Mine did and I always thought it was SO annoying. Until I realized, as usual, she was right! Because they instantly dress up your face and your look as a whole.

Mom is so smart!

Here are some of my faves  from Amrita Singh I actually found on Hautelook, but her site is having an AMAZING sale!

Stay tuned for more ways to update this favorite look!